Krakus® Ham Club Sandwich


8 slices (4 oz.) Krakus® Polish Deli Ham
3 slices White or Wheat Bread, toasted
2 leafs bibb lettuce, halved
8 thin slices vine-ripened tomatoes (red and orange)
4-5 strips cooked bacon
herb mayonnaise, to taste


Makes one serving


Layer 1 slice of toasted bread with bibb lettuce and tomatoes. Layer 4 slices Krakus® Polish Deli Ham, followed by 2 slices cooked bacon. Add second slice of bread and repeat layering, beginning with bibb lettuce, followed by tomatoes, Krakus® Polish Deli Ham, and finally cooked bacon. Add herb mayonnaise on top slice of bread, to taste; lay atop sandwich. Slice in half.

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