Krakus® Ham Club Sandwich

Fresh vine-ripened tomatoes and bibb lettuce compliment delicious Krakus® ham and bacon for the ultimate club sandwich.

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Krakus® Low Sodium Ham Wrap

Assorted fresh veggies and Krakus® Reduced Sodium Deli Ham are the perfect companions for a healthy wrap.

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Krakus® Zesty Ham & Cheese Melt

Accompanied with zesty pepper Jack cheese, giardiniera and delectable Krakus® ham, this melted sub is sure to please.

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Krakus® Ham Sub Sandwich

Colby jack cheese, grape tomatoes, and fresh field greens give this delightful Krakus® ham sub character.

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Krakus® Polish Ham Sandwich

This hearty sandwich made with delicious Krakus® ham, thick hamburger sliced dill pickles, and Dijon mustard is traditional yet tasty.

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Krakus® Ham and Cream Cheese Canapés

Combine Krakus® ham, cream cheese, and polish dill pickle for a delicious appetizer.

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Classic Krakus® Polish Ham Sandwich

Enjoy the great taste of Poland in the comfort of your own home. This bright, open-faced sandwich features Krakus® Ham, toasted sourdough, cheese and fresh vegetables.

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Krakus® Ham & Cheese Crêpes

Delightfully thin and filled with Krakus® Honey Ham, shredded cheese, spinach and whole grain mustard, these crepes are perfect for a delicious meal any time of the day.

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Krakus® Ham and Mushroom Bruschetta

A fresh, bite-sized take on zapiekanki – Poland’s popular street-food fare – this toasted bruschetta is topped with Krakus® Ham, sautéed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and a drizzle of red wine vinegar.

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Mac and Cheese with Krakus® Ham

It’s the comfort food dish you love, made infinitely better with the addition of cubed Krakus® Reduced Sodium Ham, buttery fontina cheese and panko breadcrumbs.

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